Event Packages Rates!

Our customers’ happiness is our key priority. At Exquisite Events, we hold true to our commitment of providing a fuss-free and comfortable event experience for our customers. If our customers’ experience is anything short of this, we stand by our money back guarantee! Led by our owner Elizabeth, our company strives to help customers share that special moment with their loved ones at affordable prices. We are professionals. We leave no stone unturned in delivering excellence in every project.

The Exquisite Experience

This service consists of complete venue, vendors, and decor arrangements. Included also is set-up & clean-up.

Price is raised $10.00/child past 25 guests.


Exquisite Premium Event

This service consists of venue, vendors & decor assistance, also set-up. Clean-up not included.

Price is raised $10.00/child past 25 guests.


Corporate Basic Events

This package caters to small business’ that need assistance with social events such as holiday gatherings or staff lunchons.


Corporate Exquisite Events

As it states, Exquisite Events offers this to corporations that need assistance in bringing a large scaled event to life!


Exquisite Basic Event

For a simple social event with flair, Exquisite Events offers the Exquisite Basic Package!

Decor & set-up included.

Price is raised $10.00/child past 25 guests.


Club P.o.p

Passion Over Profit!

This package includes Swag Bags, Set-Up, Clean-up, Gift upon Signing & a dessert option. Caters for 15 kids.

Get your 4th Club Pop Package 50%!

Ages: Birth to 12 years


Club Exquisite

Discounts & Deals everytime you hire us!

Ages 13 +

Prices varies as appropriate to event.

*Venue pricing not quoted in the package prices as venue prices vary.

Event Packages Hourly Rates!

Decor in Hand

Set-Up, Clean-Up, With Decor.


Exquisite Dècor

Budgeting, Exquisite Decor, Set-Up, Clean-Up.


Centerpieces/ Custom Decor

For those events that need more pizzazz in it’s decor. Prices are a la carte.


*Venue pricing not quoted in the package prices as venue prices vary.

Let us plan a perfect event for you!