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Exquisite Events by Elizabeth

For my sons 1st birthday I literally had it planned and executed within a two week period. I had a rough year between returning back to work in the prison before the 6 week mark and developing post partum depression. I had almost forgot my son was about to reach his 1st year mark, my husband however had not. He reminded me and I got to work immediately and had the venue, decor, and menu completed and ready for setup. My guests consisted mainly of family & close friends – so they were accustomed to my daughters extravagant birthdays. I expressed how I put his event together for under 1000 C.I. and at LiL’ Monkeys (a caymanian version of discovery zone) nonetheless. I began to brainstorm how I could help close family & friends to save money on events but still have the air of extravagance. Close friends encouraged me to make a business out of it, seeing as I am driven by the passion & not the profit, they beamed how I would be successful. Here I am. The rest is history…! Exquisite Events Ky – Affordable Event Management with flair. Providing event decor & management services for both corporate and private events.

What sets us apart?

At Exquisite Events Ky we welcome your business with a gift – literally. Upon signing a gift is given to the client as appropriate to the event. Also Exquisite Events brings the most unique & exquisite decorum at pricing that causes many to double take. Contact us for pricing information on your event and let us breathe life into your events vision!

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